Amateur Radio

This space currently sparse

V/UHF Hardware

I use some pretty standard hardware for UHF/VHF. A UV-5R and a UV-5X3 get me through FM stuff. Net checkins and stuff.

HF exploration

I'm plowing through the airwaves using a Pixie! More details to come

My QSL card

My QSL card is an homage to my favorite era of computer hardware: Mainframes and minicomputers. Days where computers were big and the future was bigger. This hardware really excites me: these devices were pioneers in wide bus sizes.

The PDP8

Two shots of PDP-8s adorn the cards. One features the front, in Digital's original styling. The other looks at the core backplane of the system.

The PDP11

The PDP11 has a special place in my heart. A PDP11 was the first major device for the UNIX operating system. In fact, The first shot here shows Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie (ken and dmr to classic UNIX fans) working over a teletype. A posed shot, but worth it. The second shot shows the front toggle switches of the main panel.

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